She was going to give it one more try…

Message from foster carer Katrina…

H recently participated in NAPLAN testing at school, and while we don’t apply any pressure around this test it’s a big deal for the kids as it’s the first time they have participated.

After the first day H was tired and feeling emotional, she was quick to break down in tears over the smallest issues. I was thinking about calling the school to ask for her to be excused from the testing as H suffers from Anxiety and I didn’t want to exacerbate this.

After an Educational Support Session, we discussed what she would like me to do.  H told me she was going to give it one more try, for one more day, and then went on to complete all the days of testing.

I contribute the support and guidance from one-on-one Educational Support Sessions (with a Support Mentor who she adores) gave her the resilience to take on the challenge.

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