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Trauma can have a detrimental effect on a young person’s healthy development and their ability to learn. At Little Stars Learners, we have witnessed this time and time again, but when met with positive youth interventions, the outcome a child or young person experiences could be completely different.

In order to foster favourable outcomes for children and young people with complex needs, including those in out-of-home care, children with PTSD or who have experienced domestic or family violence, Little Stars Learners identified that the relationship-based, trauma-informed connection that is the basis of the Little Stars Learners tutoring program needed to extend beyond the kitchen table.

The Little Stars team set to work to create a program that meets the unique developmental needs of children and young people while also incorporating the complex web of relationships with people, places, and social forces that shape their lives.

Meet a new ‘Kinder Cool’!

Developed to support the networks that support Queensland children and young people and to help them develop the skills necessary to help these ‘Kinder Cool’ kids achieve educational, vocational, and personal success.

Integrating a trauma-informed approach with collaborative on-the-ground efforts, the Kinder Cool Workshops aim to provide the foundation for all children and young people to thrive.