frequently asked questions

Educational Support program for Young People Living in Foster, Kinship & Residential Care

We accept applications from the Department of Child Safety, Seniors and Disability Services, Foster Agencies and Residential Care Facilities.

Organisations may apply for a child to join the Little Stars Learners Program if the criteria for lodging an expression of interest are met.

Foster Carers can approach their CSO or Foster Agency to enquire as to whether funding might be available.

Research shows that early intervention provides the best outcomes for education for young people in care. Therefore, the focus of the Little Stars Learners Program is Prep to Grade 6. However, we also cater to students in high school.

The focus is to ensure that young people are not left behind at an early stage. The further behind they are by Grade 3, the bigger the gap and that becomes harder to bridge as young people move through school. 

Should you wish to apply for a position in the 2024 program, please complete an online application form or contact for further information. 

Carers may be able to enrol a young person in their care if they are able to access funding for the purposes of the program through a Complex Support Needs Allowance or by requesting that the Department of Child Safety, Seniors and Disability Services or their Foster Agency covers the costs of the program. Prior to completing an Application carers should approach their CSO or their agency to request funding approval.

Due to funding limitations, we were only able to offer a limited number of scholarships for 2024 and these have been allocated.

Limited scholarships are available upon application. 

Yes. Education Support Mentors complete detailed session summaries each week. These summaries are emailed to the Foster Carer, Foster Agency contacts and the relevant Child Safety Officer at the Department of Child Safety, Seniors and Disability Services.

We make every endeavour to ensure the student has the same Tutor for the 12 month program.

Yes. All Education Support Mentors have completed the relevant Queensland checks and hold valid and current Blue Cards.

Yes. The carer needs to sign an agreement upfront committing to having someone available to supervise the session. That person can be carer, another responsible adult or youth worker.

The areas we can service with in-person sessions are the Brisbane region and Gold Coast. We can offer online learning in more remote areas including Ipswich, Beaudesert and outlying areas.

We consistently review the progress of the young people engaged in the program and check in with carers to ensure a good match between the child and the Education Support Mentor. In the rare occasions this doesn’t work, we will rematch the child with another support mentor.