Connect. Learn. Thrive.

Specialised Education Support Programs for Children

“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world”

Nelson Mandela

Little Star Learners is a specialised not-for-profit educational support program in South East Queensland. We provide the following one-on-one programs.

Out of Home Care Tutoring Program

For children and young people who have experienced trauma and are living in Out of Home Care.

Private Tutoring Program

Little Stars Learners runs a private tutoring program with a difference for all students in Brisbane/Gold Coast area from Prep to Grade 8.   

Our model is unique in that our tutors undergo comprehensive training and your tutor will be supported by an educational consultant and psychologist throughout your child’s learning journey. You will also be supported by a team who cares and who wants to ensure your child is achieving their best and experiencing measurable outcomes in their learning.   Our model integrates flexibility in learning approach, an emphasis on building the connection between tutor and child, fun and engagement in learning and empowerment of your child as a learner.

“There are other tutoring services but with Little Stars Learners these is no judgement about his school situation or behaviour.”

Our Little Stars Learners program provides a fun, flexible learning environment in the child’s home.

Our tutors undergo comprehensive training and understand:

  • The impact of trauma on the developing brain;
  • How to work with neurodivergent learners with ADHD, ASD, PTSD and other complex needs
  • The experiences of children who have experienced abuse and neglect and are living in Out of Home Care
  • The importance of building CONNECTION to enable children to feel SAFE enough to LEARN
  • That key to engagement is making learning FUN
  • That consistency and building confidence and self esteem is key to helping children to THRIVE.

Educational Workshops

Explore our range of live workshops for children, teachers and families to see how kindness, compassion and strong positive relationships can transform the life trajectory for children.