Even the Principal was afraid of this child…

Message from foster carer Melanie…
We had a foster son who was highly disengaged at school. He spent much of his time at school, absconding, hiding or literally jumping up on the roof to escape people. As he had violent tendencies, there was little the staff could do. Even the Principal was afraid of this child.

Needless to say, he did very little actual learning in the classroom. In fact, attending school was absolutely more trouble than it was worth.

Then we started him through the Little Stars Learners program, where his Education Support Mentor would arrive at 6 am to tutor both him and his sister prior to going to school. During the entire hour, this young person was engaged and happy and in a short period of time gained literacy and numeracy skills he would never ever have attained in a classroom.

*This photo is a stock photo to preserve the privacy of our children in foster and kinship care.

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