Key Assets Letter of Support for Little Stars Kids

Mel Hayes

Dear Lisa,

I’ve just heard that you have gifted Key Assets with more scholarships for Little Stars tutoring. This is so wonderful, and I know will give the children who receive the tutoring an increased opportunity with their ability to learn while making such a positive difference to their education pathway.

I’ve enjoyed hearing a number of stories about the impact of the trauma informed tutors and how the children really look forward to their sessions. I know sometimes it may take some children some time to feel comfortable and able to participate because of their own hesitation and lack of self-belief, but from what I hear, the tutors just ‘take it easy’, giving the child time and understanding.

I know the tutor working with a student in Yr 12 has helped him succeed so well with his maths and literacy, that the young man has regained his confidence to achieve his dream at the end of Yr 12 – to achieve maths and literacy eligibility to join the Army when he finishes school. Another young girl’s literacy and maths ability has increased to the point she is now at her year level after being a year behind. And I know there are many other Good News stories.

Your tutors are helping to make a positive difference and we, at Key Assets, couldn’t be more grateful that you took the risk and embraced the possibility of “Little Stars”. You, your tutors and staff are all helping the children and young people supported through Key Assets to see themselves as “Little Stars” who can believe “I can learn”.

We never really know the impact of our work though I am confident that this investment by both Little Stars and Key Assets is making a true lasting difference. Thank you again for all that you and your team provide. It is truly invaluable.

Yours faithfully,

Image of Mel Hayes

Mel Hayes

State Director Queensland