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Specialised Tutoring to Help Children Connect, Learn, & Thrive

“Fun is just another word for learning” – Raph Koster

Empowering Through Engagement

The most powerful tool for success engaging young people in their learning journey through empowerment.

Our tutors are comprehensively trained in a range of areas including making maths and literacy fun and engaging, how to work with children with anxiety and complex childhood trauma and how to engage children with learning and motivate them to succeed.  

Our learning program is based on connection, making learning fun and engaging children in their learning.

About the Program

Little Stars Learners provides private weekly one-on-one specialised high quality educational support for school students in South-East Queensland.

Our program is a 4 term program to enable our tutors to develop a connection with the child and provide the consistency needed for real change and success in a child’s learning journey.

Our model is very different from most tutoring agencies in that our tutors have comprehensive training in our specialist model and are supported by a pscyhologist and educational consultants who assist them througout the learning journey with your child.

“Every child with learning difficulties is like a puzzle; it takes patience, love, and understanding to put all the pieces together.” – Anonymous

How We Work

TUTORS: Our tertiary-level tutors undergo specialised training validated by QUT and understand:

  • The current curriculum and how to work with children to engage them in learning.
  • The key to success is making learning FUN.
  • That consistency and building confidence are key to helping children THRIVE.

SESSIONS: Children are matched with a specialist tutor and conduct weekly sessions in the student’s home to develop skills and build confidence and self-esteem.

SUMMARIES: Comprehensive Session Summaries will be emailed to you and teachers if required after each session which will set out goals, challenges, progress, goals and the content of each session.

Can I Enrol my Child?

Any school aged child in the greater Brisbane and Gold Coast regions of South-East Queensland are eligible to enrol (pending tutor availability).

Enrolments are accepted on a per term basis, however it is recommended that children spend at least 12 months in the program to get the best results.

“The patience his tutor shows him and her ability to adapt the learning environment to suit his emotional needs is inspiring.”

Download Information Kit

Discover more about our academic tutoring program for school students in South East Queensland by requesting a Little Stars Learners Information Kit.